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I was excited and grateful to be a featured guest on @Women For One’s podcast series, Real Women Courageous Wisdom. I am so honored to be featured amongst an incredible lineup of women. Listen to the podcast

CME Conference at Harvard
Educating Physicians about POTS

POTS Documentary. My Journey Living with POTS

To Support POTS

Spreading much needed awareness

Special Thanks to
American Weekend Radio Show: 
Valerie Smaldone and Friends
Listen to Kacey's Health & Happiness Show:
Unraveling Dysautonomia
Listen to my Interview on 106.7 Lite FM Facts & Triggers of POTS
Read my Article on The Rye Record -
STORIED LIVES: Wendy Baruchowitz’s Return to Life

POTS Take a Stand Walk raised $20K for POTS/Dysautonomia research!!

1-mile event in Rye aids research for the often misdiagnosed disorder that affects nearly 3 million Americans and 70 million around the globe. 


To learn more and/or donate please visit

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